Nuts and dried fruits – from field to shelf from the best company

About nutfair

Behind nutfair GmbH stands the Hamburg based family of Michael Priestoph who entered the nuts and dried fruits business more than 50 years ago. Since then, two generations of the family have gathered a wealth of experience with these products.

Michael Priestoph in the early 70s in his office in the Lippeltstraße at Hamburg Central Market

Founded by Andreas Priestoph in the year 2000, nutfair GmbH defines itself as a hanseatic family run company that specialises in the import, processing and packaging of nuts and dried fruits. Relationships consolidated over decades with suppliers in the cultivation regions, coupled with in-depth expertise in dealing with dried fruits and nuts, makes nutfair GmbH a reliable partner for food retail and industry.

nutfair – the name stands for nuts and dried fruits at fair conditions.

nutfair GmbH is certified in accordance with the IFS Broker standard and procures its raw materials only from certified production companies in the countries of origin.

Similarly, nutfair GmbH only works with modern, certified packaging and processing partners.

Employees at nutfair GmbH have all the product and market knowledge necessary to provide you with comprehensive nut and dried fruit services. Our portfolio spans raw material procurement and processing, transport, customs clearance, design and packaging, quality control, seasonal and campaign planning, product innovations and storage. We are flexible and competent, with optimal price conditions.

nutfair GmbH unites the old hanseatic merchant tradition with modern marketing.