Pleasure in a nutshell – this is what we are all about

Nuts & kernels

Apricot kernels sweet / bitter
Cashews kernels
Peanuts blanched / with skin / in shell
Hazelnuts blanched / with skin / in shell
Almonds unblanched / with skin / in shell
Brazil nuts in shell / kernels
Pecan nuts in shell / kernels
Pinenuts China, the Mediterranean, Pakistan, Russia
Pistachios blanched / with skin / in shell / diced
Walnuts in shell / kernels

Nuts and kernels are delicious foods with healthy nutrients that have been known and utilised for many millennia.

We proudly import our raw material from carefully selected and qualified suppliers from a wide range of countries situated in the northern and southern hemisphere.

Thanks to the regularly audited suppliers and many years of trusting cooperation, we can guarantee the high quality of our nuts, kernels and seeds.