We only pick the best suppliers – and have done so for decades

Dried & soft fruits

Apples sulphured / unsulphured / soft / diced
Apricots sulphured / unsulphured / soft / diced
Pears sulphured / unsulphured
Dates dried / soft / diced
Figs dried (hard, soft) / soft / diced
Currants unsulphured
Peaches sulphured / unsulphured
Prunes with / without sorbate / soft / diced
Sultanas sulphured / unsulphured

The Priestoph family has been dedicated to the dried fruit trade for half a century and expanded it to soft fruits more than a decade ago.

With dried fruit experience gathered over several generations, the Priestoph family has established close relationships with traditional suppliers in the countries of origin.

This trusting collaboration, coupled with control through regular on-site audits, guarantees the highest quality of raw materials.

Our sources of supply are concentrated in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and South America.

We currently maintain personal contact with over 40 highly qualified and certified producers of dried and soft fruits, all of whom are audited on-site by us.